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Road to Confirmation – Checkpoint Conversation guides


The decision to make the Confirmation vow and to receive the Confirmation blessing is a very important milestone in a youth’s journey of faith. The Road to Confirmation process is to ensure a youth is well-equipped and prepared to make their Confirmation vow.

The purposes of the checkpoint conversations are to: 

  • Ensure the students have an understanding of the material 
  • Allow a space for the student to ask any questions 
  • Clarify and correct any misunderstandings that the students may have 
  • Support the students during their ongoing spiritual development 
  • Strengthen relationships

These guides are not intended to be a script, but rather has been prepared to help the parent(s)/guardian(s), youth leader, and rector each have a meaningful conversation with their student and to check in with them as they pursue Confirmation. Using the content within these guides, prayerfully allow the Holy Spirit to work with you to shape and direct your specific checkpoint conversation.


Click on the specific Checkpoint Conversation link in the "Notes" column to download that specific Checkpoint Conversation guide.


Course Topic Estimated completion time Notes
Confirmation 15-20 minutes This course should be taken with a parent or guardian
The Basics 20-25 minutes  
    pdf Checkpoint Conversation 1 with parent(s)/guardian(s) (808 KB)
The gospel 20 -25 minutes This course can be taken with a youth leader
Articles of Faith 25-30 minutes  
    pdf Checkpoint Conversation 2 with youth leader (800 KB)
The Apostolate 20-25 minutes  
Service for the departed 15-20 minutes  
    pdf Checkpoint Conversation 3 with rector, or other ordained minister (794 KB)
    Final Conversation with student and some combination of support team (rector, youth leader, parent(s)/guardian(s))


pdf Click HERE to download the Checkpoint Conversation guide for students. (800 KB)