From its beginnings, the New Apostolic Church has understood itself as a church of ministry. It is a church that is led by the apostolate of Christ. All other ministries come forth out of the Apostle ministry. Concerning this, the Fifth Article of Faith states:

I believe that those designated by God for a ministry are ordained only by Apostles, and that authority, blessing, and sanctification for their ministration come forth out of the Apostle ministry.

Due to the importance of ordained ministry, and with added emphasis in recent years as a result of the international church's Concept of Ministry, the following courses have been established as requirements for ordinations. 



  Deacon   Priest
Pastoral Care

Intro to Grief and Grief Support - 30 min

Pastoral Care at the End of Life - 30 min


Grief and Grief Support - 30 min

Grief Support Strategies - 30 min

Unique and Complicated Grief - 60 min


What is the gospel? - 20 min

Understanding Liturgy - 20 min

Vision and Mission - 30 min

Articles of Faith - 30 min

Catechism of the New Apostolic Church - 4 hours

L.O.V.E. Small Group Participant Training - 20 min


The Apostolate - 25 min

Service for the Departed - 20 min

The Basics - 30 min

Divine Service Experience

Engaging the Holy Spirit - 45 min

Effective Preaching - 4 hours

Liturgy of a divine service - 1 hour

Praying more Effectively - 1 hour


Praying more Effectively Part 2 - 1 hour