Giving allows us to give expression to our passions, interests, and feelings by offering ourselves and our resources to help advance them. As Christians, giving is an integral part of our faith and a vital part of our profession to the world that we are followers of Jesus.

We would like to discover together some deeper aspects of giving in all its forms. In the first article below, we’ll focus on giving is love. Upcoming Vision Newsletters will introduce faith, joy, mission, sacrifice, secret, and worship – all aspects of giving.

We pray that these articles will serve to inspire a new understanding of Christian giving and a new desire to demonstrate God’s love to the world through a renewed willingness to share what we’ve been blessed with.

NAC-USA has put together a paper titled "Reflections on Giving" that provides teaching on the topic of giving from the Old Testament through the New Testament and how we view giving today.

A short Giving Introduction Video is available for you to view directly below, and below this video you can download and share in your congregation.