You're Home

Part of the vision for our church is to be a church where people feel at home. This is why the name of the NAC-USA welcome resources are called, You’re home – to support us in making all people feel at home when they enter our congregations. Comprised of three levels, You’re home is a package of materials and resources carefully designed and branded for use in our congregations. These resources help guide a person’s journey from being a first-time guest, to their further interest in our faith, and to their desire to become a member.

Level 1 - Greeter Resources

Level 1 is the Greeter Resources that provides an initial contact between a guest and the congregation. They include a guest brochure, which highlights some of our offers and the divine service sequence. It points to our Vision statement and it can be customized for each congregation with service times and address. Brochures can be ordered from Also included are guides for greeters and ushers, which offer important points for our members involved in these ministries. A procedure guide is also included to help create a safety plan for each congregation. CLICK HERE to go to these resources.

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Level 2 - The Basics

As a guest continues attending, they may be interested in learning more about the New Apostolic Church and its beliefs. Level 2 offers The Basics, which is a small group experience for guests and present members to share their faith with each other and inspire deeper discussions about various aspects of the Church. It includes 3 small group videos and a guide for discussion. CLICK HERE for more information on this small group video series and guide. The first session is about our Triune God and the Bible. The second session explores the sacraments and our Vision and Mission. The last session covers the expectations laid out in the THRIVE acronym. If they haven’t already received it, please make sure your guest receives a THRIVE booklet before starting The Basics small group. CLICK HERE for more information on THRIVE.

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Level 3 - Sacramental preparation

Level 3 prepares a person or family to become a member of the Church. It walks through the meaning of adoption and the three sacraments. In this section, you will find teachings on each of the sacraments and the important aspects of each sacrament that need to be discussed and understood by each person who is becoming a member. If they haven’t already received it, this would be a good time to give them the Catechism Q&A book.

This material is in the process of being developed.