Welcome to the Youth Leader resource page

We're excited that you've decided to service Christ by investing in youth ministry. Welcome to the team!

This page is under development with the intent to have a single place for youth leaders to go for resources to assist them in developing themselves and the youth they minister to. Over time we will add resources like information about books and email newsletters that would be valuable for development, and forms that can be used in your youth ministry.

Youth Minister Development

In order to serve and grow as we disciple students to be disciple makers, we need to be properly equipped ourselves. To better equip those involved in youth ministry, the following 5 courses have been created to assist you.

  1. CGP-101 What is the Gospel? (20 minutes)
  2. CLI-101 Understanding Liturgy (10 minutes)
  3. PIA-101 Inner Authority (35 minutes) 
  4. CMV-101 Vision and Mission (30 minutes)
  5. PYG-101 Youth Program Goals (25 minutes) 

Take 5

There are evolving challenges on the front lines of youth ministry as the cultures in our families, congregations, and communities continue to shift. In an effort to keep you informed on what is going on in the church and youth ministry, as well as equip you to best fulfill our commitment to invest in students, the Work Group Youth is introducing a monthly communication for youth leaders called Take 5. The Take 5 communication may be an interesting article to read, an inspirational video to watch, something administrative like an announcement, or a combination of those. Regardless of the type of information in the message, we're calling it Take 5 because it will take 5 minutes or less to go through the information.