Youth Take 5


The following courses are designed to be taken in this order. The courses do not have to be completed all at once, the student may start/stop as needed. However, all courses must be completed for a student to be Confirmed.

Click the name (which is a link) in the "Course Topic" column to be taken to that specific course.  

Course Topic Estimated completion time Notes
Confirmation 15-20 minutes This course should be taken with a parent or guardian
The Basics 20-25 minutes  
      pdf Checkpoint Conversation 1 with parent(s)/guardian(s) (808 KB)
The gospel 20 -25 minutes This course can be taken with a youth leader
Articles of Faith 25-30 minutes  
      pdf Checkpoint Conversation 2 with youth leader (800 KB)
The Apostolate 20-25 minutes  
Service for the departed 15-20 minutes  
      pdf Checkpoint Conversation 3 with rector, or other ordained minister (794 KB)
    Final Conversation with student and some combination of support team (rector, youth leader, parent(s)/guardian(s))


  pdf Click HERE to download the Checkpoint Conversation guide for students. (800 KB)