Small groups create a space for spiritual growth, both in our own lives and together, as we build relationships with one another. When we gather to learn about God and His Word, we give Him room to work in our lives, to shape us and help us grow. Small groups capture the essence of our Vision statement – a place to feel at home, a place to experience the love of God and the joy of serving, a place to reach out to the people around us, a place to provide soul care and cultivate true fellowship, and a place to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When this environment is created in our small groups, we are truly living by Christ’s example. Our own importance diminishes as we focus on building each other up, as we listen to and respect each other, as we offer support to one another, and as we serve together and become a catalyst for change. When God is present in our lives and in the midst of our small group, amazing things can happen. So, join a small group and continue the conversation.