Dear Parents and Teachers,

Welcome to Sunday School and Religious Instruction! We are excited to begin another year of discovery and learning of faith. Our Sunday School and Religious Instruction programs have been carefully designed to provide a genuine and caring environment where children can grow in their understanding of the Bible, the New Apostolic doctrine, and Christian values.

Our lessons are thoughtfully crafted with clear objectives, age-appropriate materials, and interactive activities. We believe in a team effort to instill these important values, and we greatly value the partnership with parents and families.

To enhance the experience for children, we recommend parents and children review the "Bible Lesson and Questions" segment together before Sunday School or Religious Instruction. This will help provide a strong foundation upon which teachers can build, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the lesson through additional instruction and activities.

For our dedicated teachers, we have some exciting updates to streamline the preparation process that include, a single-site/source for all activities, color-coding of lesson segments, call-out boxes with material and supply lists, a printable journal page, links to engaging videos for Sunday School, and a “Take Home Page for Parents” that includes homework. We've also introduced a "Social Emotional Check-In" at the beginning of each lesson to ensure a caring and supportive atmosphere. Please see the “K-5 Users Guide” and the "RI Users Guide" for more detailed information on these updates.

Parents, we have exciting news for you too! You can now utilize the "Bible Lesson and Questions" segment from the teachers' materials to prepare your child for Sunday School or Religious Instruction, eliminating the need for a separate parent lesson. Additionally, we've provided a "Take Home Page for Parents" that includes a summary of the lesson, ideas for continued learning at home, and homework.

NEW! – Sunday School / Religious Instruction Goals and Objectives

This document (below) outlines the goals and learning objectives designed to create a strong foundation in basic Christian tenets as well as the New Apostolic doctrine, while encouraging joy in serving, participation in congregational life, and discipleship.  Our aim is to foster spiritual growth, promote values of kindness, empathy, and understanding, and instill a love for learning about faith and its application in daily life.  These goals and objectives are crafted to support a child's holistic growth—spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally—within a welcoming and supportive congregation.  Sunday School and Religious instruction lessons are created to support these goals and learning objectives through the use of Bible study and application, activities, crafts, and games.

NEW! - Guidelines for Culturally Responsive Support

This document (below) outlines strategies and supports to ensure children with limited English proficiency can fully engage in the NAC USA Sunday School, Religious Instruction, and Youth curriculum.  These practices, though not exhaustive, seek to actively encourage participation in congregational life, ensure access to the teaching of the gospel and the New Apostolic doctrine in a comprehensive way, while providing robust support to the children/youth during their transition to the NAC USA.  We aim to honor each person's culture, without any intention of taking it away. Our purpose is to embrace and cherish every soul, fostering a loving environment where the sharing of cultures becomes a supportive element in our collective journey towards becoming the bride of Christ.  Click on the link below to view the full document.

NEW! - Summer Session Ideas

During the summer, congregations have the flexibility to adjust their schedules. While maintaining the usual Sunday School, Religious Instruction, and Youth programs can be beneficial, taking a break from the regular routine offers valuable opportunities for children, youth, teachers, and families. While the structured spiritual education provided in these programs is invaluable, the summer break allows everyone to recharge, explore new experiences, and deepen their faith in more relaxed settings. It fosters creativity and personal reflection for children and youth, rejuvenates teachers and leaders, and strengthens family bonds through shared activities.

Embracing this break doesn't mean stepping away from church; rather, it's an opportunity to enrich one's spiritual journey in different ways, ultimately enhancing the overall experience when regular classes resume. Planning monthly activities for families to connect and share faith can maintain bonds and strengthen faith. Organizing a Vacation Bible School is a wonderful opportunity to keep children and youth engaged and connected during the summer months. However, we understand it may not be feasible for every congregation to host one. In such cases, there are several other ways for children, youth, families, and teachers to gather and stay connected over the summer. Below is a document with a few ideas for the summer session. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a wonderful Sunday School and Religious Instruction experience for every child, filled with spiritual growth, joy, and fellowship. Together, we will help them build a strong relationship with our heavenly Father.  Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of being a part of your child's spiritual journey. We are looking forward to an amazing time of learning and growing together.

The summer session begins June 30 and ends September 1. Local schedules and activities should be made to fit this time frame and to accommodate local events.

With love and joy,
The Faith Arc Team