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Going into the Season of Thanksgiving (October & November), our small group curriculum will be seven sessions focused on Giving is…, available in booklet form. Facilitators should order books for their small group participants. Every person in your small group should have a booklet, and they are available at no cost to the participants (in the United States).

To place orders, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:
Name of series (Giving is)
Full Name:
Congregation Name:
Mailing address:
Phone number:
Number of books needed:
In English or Spanish:

If you do not have access to email, orders can also be placed by calling Sharon at (773) 654.2231 with the same information above.

Every rector will be receiving a package of promotional materials for this series in the coming weeks. You can also find slides and promotional videos below. Please utilize these resources as much as possible in your congregation.

A Kindle version of this booklet (in English) is available here.

A note to facilitators: The booklets include some notes for participants and facilitators, and for each session – an article, questions, a video section, and a reflection on a Psalm (so have your Bibles ready!). New in this curriculum is a family worship section for each chapter. This can be used in your small group (if you have children), in your family worship time, as a topic for dinner conversation, or as further study and reflection (no matter your age!). For reflection and inspiration, you will also find three testimonials in the book that speaks to the community work that some of our congregations are involved in.

pdf Click here to download the pdf version of the booklet. (25.73 MB)
image Click here to download the promotional slide.
video Click here to download the promotional video. (6.53 MB)
pdf Click here to download the Family Worship material as a separate printout guide.

Below you will also find the links to download each Giving is video (also available on our YouTube channel and soon in the NAC USA Mobile App). These are used in the discussion questions, so please be ready to access them if you're a facilitator.

video Giving is LOVE (5.80 MB)
video Giving is FAITH (41.04 MB)
video Giving is JOY (17.91 MB)
video Giving is MISSION (24.80 MB)
video Giving is SACRIFICE (29.75 MB)
video Giving is SECRET (30.28 MB)
video Giving is WORSHIP (18.95 MB)